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    PreSonus Studio One 5

    PreSonus Studio One 5 unveiled

    Major update adds clip launching, plus enhanced MIDI and mixer functionality

    Major update adds clip launching, an integrated score editor, enhanced MIDI and mixer functionality, and more.

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    Craig's new 55,000-word eBook.

    Check out SOS contributor Craig Anderton's new book!

    The Big Book of Studio One Tips & Tricks is available now

    This new 55,000-word eBook from SOS contributor Craig Anderton is aimed at power users of PreSonus's Studio One DAW.

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    PreSonus's Studio One v4.6 update will be launched in London on December 4th.

    PreSonus to launch Studio One v4.6 at Red Bull Studios

    Next version of PreSonus's DAW debuts in Central London on Wednesday December 4th

    Join SOS for the launch of PreSonus Studio One v4.6 in Central London on Wednesday December 4th.

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    PreSonus Studio One 4 out now

    DAW update adds Harmonic Editing, Patterns and Drum Editor

    PreSonus Studio One, the company’s capable DAW has undergone a fairly serious overhaul for version 4.


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    Blue intro Raspberry Studio recording system

    All-in-one package offers USB mic plus recording and mastering software

    Renowned microphone makers Blue have today announced Raspberry Studio, an all-in-one mobile...

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    PreSonus Notion 6/Studio One 3.3 now shipping

    Notion adds handwriting recognition and better integration

    PreSonus is now shipping Notion 6, a major upgrade to its popular notation software that adds handwriting recognition and fuller integration with Studio One 3.3...


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