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    Studio One: Using Layers

    PreSonus Studio One Tips & Techniques

    In Studio One, Layers are all about the wonderful world of managing multiple takes.

    Techniques . Aug 2021
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    Studio One: The Browser

    PreSonus Studio One Tips & Techniques

    The Browser’s presence and impact has swelled to take in all sorts of file‑based functions and probably has a raft of features that you weren’t even aware of.

    Techniques . Jul 2021
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    PreSonus Sphere

    PreSonus Studio One Tips & Techniques

    We take a look at what’s included with PreSonus Sphere.

    Techniques . Jun 2021
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    Studio One 5.2 Highlights

    PreSonus Studio One Tips & Techniques

    We explore the 5.2 update which offers enhancements to the Score Editor, the introduction of live looping to the Arranger Track, and improved tools for remote collaboration.

    Techniques . May 2021
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    Studio One: Arranger Track

    PreSonus Studio One Tips & Techniques

    We show you how to structure your music with the Arranger Track.

    Techniques . Apr 2021
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    PreSonus Studio One 5.2

    Studio One 5.2 released

    PreSonus DAW updated

    Update adds improved handling of articulations, drum and tabulature scoring, enhanced Show Page and more.

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    Studio One: Shortcuts To Efficient Workflows

    PreSonus Studio One Tips & Techniques

    We look at how to improve our workflow with the magic use of key commands, also known as hot‑keys or keyboard shortcuts.

    Techniques Mar 2021
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    Studio One: The Show Page

    PreSonus Studio One Tips & Tricks

    The Show Page is designed for live performance, and combines the roles of virtual instrument host, mixer and backing‑track player.

    Techniques Feb 2021
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    Scoring With Studio One 5.1

    PreSonus Studio One Tips & Techniques

    Version 5.1 recently dropped and it includes score printing and more besides. We explore the new features in the Score Editor.

    Techniques Jan 2021

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