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    Bitwig Studio 4

    Bitwig Studio 4 now available

    New version adds conditional triggering, comping and more

    Final release of Bitwig Studio 4 introduces a new file format called 'Anti-Loops', which take advantage of the new Operators and comping features to offer intuitive loop manipulation.

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    Bitwig Studio 3

    Music Production Software

    Innovative music creation platform Bitwig takes a big leap forward with the introduction of an open-ended modular environment.

    Reviews Sep 2019
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    Bitwig 2.4 — SynthFest UK 2018

    Impressive sampling capabilities added to DAW

    Released only weeks ago, and freely available to all users who purchased Bitwig within the last year,...

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    Bitwig Studio 2

    Music Production Software

    Bitwig Studio 2 blurs the lines between sequencer, synthesizer and DAW, with an advanced and very flexible modulation system.

    Reviews May 2017
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    Bitwig Studio 1.35

    DAW Software For Mac OS, Windows & Linux

    Bitwig Studio might be the newest kid on the DAW block — but it’s growing fast!

    Reviews Mar 2016
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    Bitwig Studio

    Music Production Software [Mac OS, Windows, Linux]

    Is Bitwig Studio's fresh take on clip-based music production different enough to tempt users away from established rivals?

    Reviews Jun 2014
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