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    DP plug-ins; USB hardware controller

    This month, more on DP plug-ins with side-chains, plus tips on improving audio timing, using Mix mode, and news of a compact USB hardware controller for use with DP.

    Techniques Sep 2001
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    Clipping Window; VST Freeware plug-ins; Setting Up Side-chain

    This month, Digital Performer's useful but little-known Clipping window falls under the Performer Notes spotlight. Plus tips on where to find top VST freeware plug-ins for use with DP, and advice on setting up side-chain access to MOTU plug-ins.

    Techniques Aug 2001
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    Memory Cycle Function

    More invaluable MOTU-related user tips, including effective mix automation and the use of grouped controls, as well as customised Mixing Board layout editing, plus loop editing and crossfading.

    Techniques Jul 2001
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    Propellerhead's Rewire

    Performer Notes

    SOS's resident MOTU expert Robin Bigwood looks at ways of working with audio loops in Digital Performer, and hands out tips on using Propellerhead's Rewire to interface DP with software synths.

    Techniques Jun 2001
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    Digital Performer Notes

    Logic and Cubase owners have had their own dedicated SOS columns for several months — so we're now devoting space to another of the world's favourite sequencers, MOTU's Digital Performer. Long-standing DP user Robin Bigwood presents the first of this regular column.

    Techniques Apr 2001


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