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    Meta Messages In Logic

    Logic Tips & Techniques

    Meta Messages are some of the most powerful and arcane features in Logic. But what are they, and why are they so useful?

    Techniques Jun 2003
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    Logic: Avoiding Processing Delays

    Emagic Logic Tips & Techniques

    There are various places in a Logic-based studio where processing delays occur, and these can really mess with the groove of your tracks, so here we show you how to keep everything properly lined up. Also, there's the usual sackful of user tips and a clever way for v5 users to mimic one of the most useful features in v6.

    Techniques May 2003
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    Mastering Tracks In Logic

    Logic Tips & Techniques

    This month's workshop shows you how to go about mastering your tracks in Logic, and there are also some useful tricks for faster audio and MIDI editing.

    Techniques Apr 2003
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    Emagic Logic v5 & Logic Control

    MIDI+Audio Sequencer & Hardware Control Surface

    Users of Emagic's Logic sequencer have been itching to get their hands on the latest version 5 and Logic Control, the company's dedicated moving-fader control system. Has it been worth the wait?

    Reviews Apr 2002
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    Magic Logic.

    Surround Sound Explained: Part 9

    Surround In Your DAW

    In this final part of our series, we look at how the major project studio-oriented MIDI + Audio sequencers (DAWs) currently handle surround.

    Techniques Apr 2002


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