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    Digital Performer 7.2

    Digital Performer Tips & Techniques

    DP's latest version brings the ability to change the look and feel of the program. We find out how, and explore other additions in DP 7.2.

    Techniques Dec 2010
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    Improving Audio MIDI Setup

    MOTU Digital Performer Tips & Techniques

    Digital Performer version 7.1 has been out for a while, but we're still feeling the love for some of its new features...

    Techniques Oct 2010
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    DP Control Surface

    Digital Performer Notes

    Fancy using the multi-touch screen of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad as a DP control surface? Heres how...

    Techniques Jul 2010
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    New Tools In Digital Performer 7.1

    Digital Performer Notes

    DP 7.1 is a small update that adds a couple of big new features, including an easy system for saving effect chains.

    Techniques Apr 2010
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    Digital Performer 7: Guitar Heroes

    Digital Performer Notes & Techniques

    DP7s new guitar plug-ins offer a fresh set of tones, and a contrasting approach to third-party alternatives.

    Techniques Feb 2010
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