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    Q. Is there a guitar synth for Logic?

    I am looking for a versatile, hardware sound module to play with my Roland GK-enabled guitar. I wish someone made a...

    Sound Advice Jun 2007
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    Pro Tools: Surround Sound Encoding Plug-ins

    Which Software To Use?

    If you want other people to hear your surround mixes, you'll need to encode them into a consumer format. Pro Tools users have a choice of software for this purpose. Which should you choose?

    Reviews Jun 2007
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    Cockos Reaper DAW

    Multitrack Audio Recording & Editing Software For PC

    Can a $40 dollar shareware application take on the giants of the music software world and win? With its remarkable flexibility, advanced feature set and responsive development team, Cockos's Reaper has the potential to do just that. Check it out...

    Reviews Jun 2007
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