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    Steinberg Cubase 4

    MIDI + Audio Sequencer [Windows/Mac OS X]

    The new version of Cubase is all about big ideas, including a completely new way of working with tracks, plug-ins and virtual instruments.

    Reviews Dec 2006
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    Cakewalk Sonar 6

    MIDI + Audio Sequencer [Windows]

    Another major upgrade for Cakewalk's DAW software adds powerful new features, and provides hands-on control at a touch.

    Reviews Dec 2006
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    Q. Can I get my mixer to communicate with Logic?

    I'm in charge of setting up my church's recording room. We have an Apple G4 dual-1.25GHz computer and a Behringer MX 2004a...

    Sound Advice Dec 2006
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    Ableton Live 6

    Looping & Composition Software [Mac OS X/Windows]

    Ableton's Live revolutionised user interface design in music software, and with every update, the company have striven to retain its ergonomic appeal whilst adding some very sophisticated new features.

    Reviews Nov 2006
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    Q. When I mix in Cubase, my mixed-down songs do not sound as good in playback as they did before I saved them. Why?

    Q. When I mix in Cubase, my mixed-down songs do not sound as good in playback as they did before I saved them. Why?

    Sound Advice Nov 2006
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    Digidesign DV Toolkit 2

    Post-Production Tools For Pro Tools LE

    If you want to do serious post-production work in Pro Tools but you can't stretch to an HD system, Digi's new DV Toolkit 2 could be the answer.

    Reviews Oct 2006
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    MOTU Digital Performer 5

    DAW For Mac OS X

    Mark Of The Unicorn's flagship recording package combines individual design with a heavyweight feature set. Could Digital Performer be the sequencer for you?

    Reviews Sep 2006
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    Digidesign Pro Tools 7.2

    Exclusive PREVIEW

    Digidesign unveil a suite of powerful new mixing and automation features with this major HD release of the Pro Tools software, and throw in a surprising number of other goodies at the same time.

    Reviews Sep 2006
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    Q. How do I compensate for latency in Logic?

    I use a G5 with Logic Pro, a TC Electronic Powercore, a MOTU HD192 interface and a variety of plug-ins, but have...

    Sound Advice Jul 2006
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    Digidesign Hybrid & Music Production Toolkit

    Analogue-style Synth & Plug-in Bundle For Pro Tools

    What could be more tempting than a sweet-sounding virtual analogue synth? How about that same synth bundled with a bunch of high-quality plug-ins targeted at music production?

    Reviews Jun 2006
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    Source Elements Source-Connect

    Remote Recording Plug-in [Pro Tools]

    This innovative new plug-in allows Pro Tools users to record each other over the Internet, in real time.

    Reviews May 2006
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    Sound Toys Echoboy

    Pro Tools Effects Plug-in [Mac OS X]

    The former Wave Mechanics team set out to create the ultimate classic echo unit emulator, and ended up with a plug-in that does much more.

    Reviews Apr 2006
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    Q. What is the best way to set up instruments in Logic?

    I understand that if you have Mac OS 10.4 'Tiger' you can add and set up external MIDI instruments using the Audio MIDI...

    Sound Advice Mar 2006
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    Q. What determines the CPU reading in Cubase SX?

    I remain baffled by the CPU load in Cubase SX 2. I'm particularly curious to know why in my larger projects the VST Performance indicator shows a constant load (typically 80 percent or more) even when I'm not playing anything back!

    Sound Advice Feb 2006
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    Digidesign Pro Tools v7

    Recording Software [Mac/PC]

    With new MIDI sequencing functionality among many other features, Pro Tools v7 is intended to be the ultimate audio and MIDI workstation. Will this release keep Digidesign on top?

    Reviews Jan 2006
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