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    Audient unveils ARC - The Creative Hub

    Hardware makers give away £500 of software for free to all users

    Console and audio interface makers Audient have teamed up with some of the industry’s leading innovators — including...

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    Creative Editing

    Tips & Techniques

    Whether it's getting rid of the audio you don't want or improving the audio you do want, skilled editing can be the key to making your multitrack project sound polished.

    Techniques Feb 2011
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    Audio Editing In DAWs

    Tips & Techniques

    Today's multitrack software packages give us endless flexibility to manipulate the audio we've recorded, but the possibilities can be confusing to begin with. We introduce the tools of the audio editor's trade...

    Techniques Feb 2011
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    Pro-gaming Techniques For Pro Tools

    Starcraft Players of South Korea

    The Starcraft players of South Korea are the ultimate computer power users, and their skills and strategies have the potential to transform your DAW sessions.

    Techniques Jun 2010
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    A metronome.

    Using Tempo Changes

    Sequencing Tips

    All modern sequencers make it easy to enhance your arrangements with subtle tempo variations, but these facilities are often ignored.

    Techniques Nov 2002
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    Magic Logic.

    Surround Sound Explained: Part 9

    Surround In Your DAW

    In this final part of our series, we look at how the major project studio-oriented MIDI + Audio sequencers (DAWs) currently handle surround.

    Techniques Apr 2002
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