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    Rode Connect

    Free podcasting app from Rode

    New app works with NT-USB Mini desktop mic

    Rode Connect works with Rode's NT-USB Mini microphones, and can accommodate up to six guests simultaneously.

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    NI iMaschine 2 intros 3D Touch support

    Create full tracks on-the-go with arranger, step sequencing, chord and arp modes

    Native Instruments have today introduced iMaschine 2 – the follow up to their acclaimed beat making...

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    Gain-staging: software VU meters.

    Gain Staging In Your DAW Software

    Level Headed

    Despite the immense power and flexibility available in modern DAW software, many people still find that the mixes they craft entirely 'in the box' sound unsatisfying. Why is that?

    Techniques Sep 2013
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