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    Easier Alternatives To Flagship Music Apps

    PC Musician

    Flagship sequencer apps are so packed with features that it could almost be a full-time job learning the package of your choice. If your needs are simpler, why not make it easy on yourself and investigate one of many options that are more entry-level or cut-down, yet still remarkably capable?

    Reviews Apr 2005
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    Sonar: Going 64-bit

    Sonar Notes

    A quick look at the Project 5 update and news of Sonar's rewrite for 64-bit processors.

    Techniques Apr 2005
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    Pre-producing Live Loops in Sonar

    Sonar Tips & Techniques

    Cakewalk's Sonar makes an ideal pre-production tool for creating loops you can use in Ableton's Live sequencer. We explore some of the possibilities of the partnership.

    Techniques Apr 2005
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