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    Cakewalk Sonar 4

    MIDI + Audio Sequencer [Windows]

    The latest version of Cakewalk's flagship sequencer brings it into the world of surround sound, makes it easy to work with folder tracks and multiple takes, and adds one of the most comprehensive Freeze functions available on any DAW.

    Reviews Jan 2005
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    SysEx & Sonar's Big Freeze

    Sonar Tips & Techniques

    We present everything you ever wanted to know about SysEx (System Exclusive) but were afraid to ask, plus the whys and wherefores of Sonar 4's cool new Freeze functions...

    Techniques Jan 2005
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    Cubase: Real-Time MIDI Effects vs Audio FX

    Cubase Tips & Techniques

    Cubase SX has a wide selection of real-time MIDI effects that can often substitute for the more processor-hungry audio effects, as well as opening up other creative possibilities.

    Techniques Jan 2005
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    Digital Performer: New Ways To Work

    Digital Performer Tips & Techniques

    DP 4.5 delivers new features that promise to fundamentally change the way users work, as well as offering smaller but crucial enhancements to existing features.

    Techniques Jan 2005


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