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Drum Machines

A drum machine is a hardware device or software that generates electronic drum sounds, typically for the purpose of creating music. Drum machines are often used by music producers and DJs to create beats and rhythms, and they can be programmed to play a variety of different drum sounds and patterns.

The main functions of a drum machine include:

  • Sound generation: Drum machines generate electronic drum sounds that can be used to create music.

  • Pattern creation: Drum machines allow users to create and program drum patterns by specifying which drum sounds are played and when.

  • Sequencing: Drum machines allow users to sequence drum patterns in a specific order to create a complete song or beat.

  • Effects: Many drum machines offer effects such as reverb, delay, and compression, which can be used to shape the sound of the drum sounds.

Some of the main uses of drum machines include:

  • Music production: Drum machines are often used by music producers to create beats and rhythms for electronic music, hip hop, and other genres.

  • Live performances: Drum machines are commonly used by DJs and electronic music performers to provide a backing track for their live sets.

  • Practice: Drum machines can be used by musicians as a tool for practicing and improving their drumming skills.

Some of the benefits of using a drum machine include:

  • Ease of use: Drum machines are relatively easy to use, even for those with limited music production experience.

  • Flexibility: Drum machines allow users to create a wide range of drum sounds and patterns, and they can be easily modified and customised.

  • Portability: Many drum machines are small and portable, making them easy to take with you on the go.

  • Cost-effective: Drum machines can be an affordable alternative to hiring a drummer or purchasing a full drum set.

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    Akai MPCX

    Music Production Centre

    Could the MPCX make you rethink your whole approach to studio and live music production?

    Reviews Sep 2017
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    Elektron Digitakt

    Digital Drum Computer & Sampler

    Elektron’s new sampling drum machine is much more than just a cut-price Octatrack.

    Reviews Sep 2017
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    Polyend Perc Pro

    MIDI-controlled Drum Beater

    Can Polyend’s MIDI-powered mechanical drummer replace the real thing?

    Reviews Aug 2017
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    Korg Volca Kick

    Analogue Kick Generator

    Korg’s Volca Kick offers a whole lot more than its name suggests...

    Reviews Jun 2017
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    Roland Boutique TR-09 & TB-03

    Rhythm Composer & Bass Line

    Are Roland’s recreations the last word on these classic instruments?

    Reviews Jun 2017
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    Wave Alchemy Revolution

    Software Drum Instrument

    Wave Alchemy’s Revolution breathes new life into a pantheon of classic drum machines.

    Reviews Jun 2017
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    Cyclone Analogic TT-303, TT-78 & TT-606

    Synthesizer & Drum Machines

    We’ve seen plenty of revivals of Roland classics, but Cyclone Analogic’s recreations are not the usual trio.

    Reviews May 2017
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    Pioneer Toraiz SP-16

    Performance Sampler

    Pioneer’s DJ-inspired performance sampler is the start of something new.

    Reviews May 2017
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    Akai MPC Live

    Music Production Centre

    The return of the stand-alone MPC exceeds expectations.

    Reviews Apr 2017
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    Blue Mangoo Drum Session

    Virtual Acoustic Drum Instrument For iOS

    For those wanting realistic acoustic drum parts, we don’t yet have a candidate for ‘EZ Drummer in an app’. Which is something that Blue Mangoo, the developers behind the excellent iFretless apps, are trying to achieve with Drum Session.

    Reviews Mar 2017
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    Arturia DrumBrute

    Analogue Drum Machine

    Arturia’s new drum machine features 17 analogue voices and a mildly astonishing price tag. And it’s really rather good...

    Reviews Dec 2016
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    Akai MPC Touch

    Sampling Workstation

    The MPC has always been about its fast, hands-on interface — can a touchscreen make it even better?

    Reviews Sep 2016
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    Singular Sound BeatBuddy Mini

    Drum Machine Pedal

    With the BeatBuddy Mini, getting a good-sounding rhythm accompaniment is as easy as tapping your feet.

    Reviews Sep 2016
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    LEP LepLoop

    Analogue Groovebox

    The LEP LepLoop takes a decidedly unconventional approach to the groovebox format.

    Reviews Sep 2016
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    Finhol Auto Stomp Player

    Foot-controlled Rhythm Generator

    Need a drum accompaniment at the flick of a switch (and the tap of a foot)? Then look no further than this crafty device!

    Reviews Feb 2016
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    Novation Circuit


    Novation’s new groovebox, sequencer and performance instrument could be this year’s essential synth accessory.

    Reviews Jan 2016
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    Digitech Trio Band Creator

    Auto-accompaniment Stomp Box

    Every so often, an innovative and easy-to-use piece of technology comes along that makes me (and everyone that I show it to) grin from ear to ear...

    Reviews Dec 2015
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    Olympia Noise Co. Patterning

    Drum Machine App For iPad

    This month: Noise Co Patterning drum machine app and the Korg iM1 synth app, both for iPad.

    Reviews Nov 2015
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    Singular Sound BeatBuddy

    Drum Machine Stompbox

    Hardware drum machines and effects pedals have been around a long time but Singular Sound claims that BeatBuddy is the first drum–machine pedal.

    Reviews Oct 2015
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    Acidlab Drumatix

    Analogue Drum Machine

    Acidlab haven’t just recreated the Roland TR606 — they’ve made it better.

    Reviews Sep 2015
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    MOM Instruments Elastic Drums

    Drum Synth App For iOS

    Elastic Drums is a 16–step sequencer and drum/percussion synthesizer with six audio channels and four effects...

    Reviews Sep 2015


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