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Drum Machines

A drum machine is a hardware device or software that generates electronic drum sounds, typically for the purpose of creating music. Drum machines are often used by music producers and DJs to create beats and rhythms, and they can be programmed to play a variety of different drum sounds and patterns.

The main functions of a drum machine include:

  • Sound generation: Drum machines generate electronic drum sounds that can be used to create music.

  • Pattern creation: Drum machines allow users to create and program drum patterns by specifying which drum sounds are played and when.

  • Sequencing: Drum machines allow users to sequence drum patterns in a specific order to create a complete song or beat.

  • Effects: Many drum machines offer effects such as reverb, delay, and compression, which can be used to shape the sound of the drum sounds.

Some of the main uses of drum machines include:

  • Music production: Drum machines are often used by music producers to create beats and rhythms for electronic music, hip hop, and other genres.

  • Live performances: Drum machines are commonly used by DJs and electronic music performers to provide a backing track for their live sets.

  • Practice: Drum machines can be used by musicians as a tool for practicing and improving their drumming skills.

Some of the benefits of using a drum machine include:

  • Ease of use: Drum machines are relatively easy to use, even for those with limited music production experience.

  • Flexibility: Drum machines allow users to create a wide range of drum sounds and patterns, and they can be easily modified and customised.

  • Portability: Many drum machines are small and portable, making them easy to take with you on the go.

  • Cost-effective: Drum machines can be an affordable alternative to hiring a drummer or purchasing a full drum set.

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    Steinberg Groove Agent 4

    Virtual Drummer Instrument

    Why take three virtual rhythm plug-ins into the studio when you can just take one? Steinberg’s Groove Agent 4 attempts to do it all.

    Reviews Jun 2015
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    Akai Rhythm Wolf

    Analogue Drum Machine & Synthesizer

    Akai break from tradition with their new all–analogue lupine groove–maker.

    Reviews Mar 2015
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    Acidlab Miami

    Analogue Drum Machine

    If you want a cut–price 808 and only analogue will do, Acidlab have just the thing...

    Reviews Nov 2014
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    EasyBeats LE

    Beat Creation App For iOS

    EasyBeats LE combines a set of 808-inspired electronic drum sounds with the ability to record a sequence of up to four measures (16 steps per measure).

    Reviews Oct 2014
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    Elektron Analog Rytm

    Drum Machine

    The Analog Rytm combines analogue drum synthesis with sample playback. Is it the ultimate beatbox?

    Reviews Sep 2014
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    Roland HandSonic HPD20

    Hand Percussion Pad

    Roland bring their HandSonic percussion range bang up to date with the HPD20.

    Reviews Sep 2014
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    Pulse Code Rhythm Studio

    Electronic Music Production App For iOS

    Rhythm Studio very neatly bundles a step sequencer, mixer, and a variety of sound and rhythm generators into one ridiculously low‑priced app, and also provides virtual interconnectivity and a fair amount of touch‑screen control. 

    Reviews Aug 2014
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    Clavia Nord Drum 2

    Modelling Percussion Synthesizer

    If the original Nord Drum was good, the sequel might just be perfect...

    Reviews May 2014
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    Roland TR8 Rhythm Performer

    Drum Machine

    Roland's TR8 sees their classic TR808 and TR909 drum machines reincarnated in a single box. Is it what we've all been waiting for?

    Reviews Apr 2014
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    NI Maschine Studio

    Groove Workstation

    Native Instruments take their hybrid groove machine to another level with new hardware and a big software update.

    Reviews Mar 2014
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    MFB Tanzbär

    Analogue Drum Machine

    It's clear where its inspiration lies, but is MFB's 'Analoger Drumcomputer' equal to fabled Roland machines of yore?

    Reviews Nov 2013
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    Arturia SparkLE

    Drum Machine

    Arturia have pared down their hybrid drum controller. It's cheaper and more compact — but does the Spark spirit remain?

    Reviews Aug 2013
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    MFB 522 & 503 drum machines.

    MFB 522 & 503

    Analogue Drum Machines

    Analogue drum machines are a rare species these days, so it’s a huge relief that a breeding pair have been found in Berlin...

    Reviews Feb 2013
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    Akai MPC Renaissance.

    Akai MPC Renaissance

    Sampling Workstation.

    The legendary MPC brand is reborn in a form that aims to marry its famous hands-on ethos with the unlimited possibilities of the software world. Does the combination work?

    Reviews Feb 2013
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    Roland SPDSX

    Sampling Percussion Pad

    Roland’s popular SPDS sampling drum pad gains an ‘X’, and a whole lot more besides, in the SPDSX.

    Reviews Oct 2012
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    Clavia Nord Drum

    Drum Synthesizer

    Clavia’s new drum box takes a typically idiosyncratic approach to percussion synthesis.

    Reviews Aug 2012
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    Dave Smith Instruments Tempest

    Analogue Drum Machine

    The fruit of the union between synth and drum machine legends Dave Smith and Roger Linn ought to be something very special indeed. Is the Tempest set to take the world by storm?

    Reviews Feb 2012
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    2Box DrumIt Five

    Electronic Drum Kit

    Fancy a set of electronic drums that lets you create your own kits? Swedish company 2Box's debut offering could be just the thing...

    Reviews Feb 2011
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    Zoom R24

    Recorder, Interface & Controller

    Zoom have launched a sibling for their R16, adding a further eight tracks and some neat loop-sampling and rhythm-track features.

    Reviews Jan 2011
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    Native Instruments Maschine 1.5

    Groove Workstation

    NI have updated Maschine — so is it now all we thought it could be?

    Reviews Aug 2010
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    Native Instruments Maschine

    Groove Workstation

    Native Instruments's hybrid hardware and software beat machine promises the best of both worlds. Does it deliver?

    Reviews Jun 2009


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