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Drum Machines

A drum machine is a hardware device or software that generates electronic drum sounds, typically for the purpose of creating music. Drum machines are often used by music producers and DJs to create beats and rhythms, and they can be programmed to play a variety of different drum sounds and patterns.

The main functions of a drum machine include:

  • Sound generation: Drum machines generate electronic drum sounds that can be used to create music.

  • Pattern creation: Drum machines allow users to create and program drum patterns by specifying which drum sounds are played and when.

  • Sequencing: Drum machines allow users to sequence drum patterns in a specific order to create a complete song or beat.

  • Effects: Many drum machines offer effects such as reverb, delay, and compression, which can be used to shape the sound of the drum sounds.

Some of the main uses of drum machines include:

  • Music production: Drum machines are often used by music producers to create beats and rhythms for electronic music, hip hop, and other genres.

  • Live performances: Drum machines are commonly used by DJs and electronic music performers to provide a backing track for their live sets.

  • Practice: Drum machines can be used by musicians as a tool for practicing and improving their drumming skills.

Some of the benefits of using a drum machine include:

  • Ease of use: Drum machines are relatively easy to use, even for those with limited music production experience.

  • Flexibility: Drum machines allow users to create a wide range of drum sounds and patterns, and they can be easily modified and customised.

  • Portability: Many drum machines are small and portable, making them easy to take with you on the go.

  • Cost-effective: Drum machines can be an affordable alternative to hiring a drummer or purchasing a full drum set.

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    Sonic Reality Ocean Way Drums

    Virtual Drum Instrument

    Ocean Way Drums offers 19 drum kits, recorded in a world-famous studio by a world-renowned engineer. Is this the best drum sample library money can buy?

    Reviews Apr 2009
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    Alesis SR18

    Drum Machine

    Virtual instruments haven't taken over the world quite yet: the hardware drum machine concept is still alive and kicking, as demonstrated by Alesis' follow-up to their incredibly popular and long-lived SR16. Is the '18 destined to match its older brother's 20-year reign?

    Reviews Jan 2009
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    Akai MPC5000

    Sampling Workstation

    Akai's MPC has been with us for 20 years now — an incredibly long time in music production. So is the latest addition to this venerable range, the MPC5000, a worthy bearer of its standard?

    Reviews Dec 2008
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    Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0

    Virtual Drum Instrument [Mac & PC]

    Toontrack's DFH Superior received excellent reviews but perhaps didn't really make the impact that it deserved. Will the drums and cymbals of their new Superior Drummer 2.0 make a greater splash?

    Reviews Dec 2008
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    Akai XR20

    Drum Machine

    Akai have long been the predominant name in hip-hop beat creation, thanks to their MPC range. Can they continue this success with that increasingly rare thing, a drum machine?

    Reviews Jul 2008
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    Roland SP555

    Sampling Workstation

    The world is not short of sampling sequencers at the moment, so what does the Roland SP555 have to make it worthy of your attention?

    Reviews Feb 2008
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    Steinberg Groove Agent 3

    Virtual Drummer Instrument [Mac/PC]

    It's been a long time coming, but has the latest version of Steinberg's Groove Agent been worth waiting for?

    Reviews Jan 2008
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    Elektron Machinedrum SPS1-UW

    Synthetic Percussion Sequencer & Sampler

    In 2002 Elektron were considered by many to have had the last word in drum machines, but now they've taken the Machinedrum concept even further with the addition of sampling. Let's explore...

    Reviews Jun 2007
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    Akai MPC500

    Sampling Workstation

    Akai's famed Music Production Centre goes mini...

    Reviews May 2007
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    Roland MC808

    Sampling Groovebox

    Roland take their MC concept further with new features, flying faders and computer integration. Let's explore...

    Reviews May 2007
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    Akai MPC2500

    Sampling Workstation

    Akai have updated the classic sampling sequencer concept last embodied in the MPC2000XL, but have they managed to preserve the magic formula that made the series a success?

    Reviews Jan 2007
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    Digidesign Strike

    Pro Tools Virtual Drummer Plug-in

    A new drum-based instrument from Digidesign combines instant gratification with a huge sound library and plenty of potential for editing.

    Reviews Dec 2006
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    Korg Pad Kontrol

    USB MIDI Drum Pad Controller

    Pad controllers are aimed at releasing the frustrated drummer in all of us, allowing desktop composers access to rhythm sounds without having to use sticks — and Korg's Pad Kontrol adds a couple of nice twists to the concept...

    Reviews Jul 2006
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    Korg D3200

    Digital Multitracker

    Korg's newest workstation heavyweight boasts 32 recording tracks, a powerful 44:12:2 mixer, a programmable drum machine, and up to 11 simultaneous effects — all for under £1000. Read our hands-on report...

    Reviews Jan 2006
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    Rayzoon Jamstix

    Virtual Drummer PC VST Instrument

    Virtual band members are now a regular feature in SOS reviews, but how about a virtual drummer that actually will jam with you? Rayzoon claim Jamstix is able to do just that...

    Reviews Nov 2005
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    FXpansion Guru

    Virtual Drum Sampler [Windows/Mac OS X]

    FXpansion's software drum machine takes the 'pad sampler' concept pioneered by Akai's MPC range to new levels.

    Reviews Sep 2005
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    ASS Anarchy Rhythms

    Formats: Windows VST & Stand-alone

    Anarchy Rhythms is a novel VST plug-in/stand-alone application, whose author accurately describes it as "a hybrid between an effect and a drum machine".

    Reviews Aug 2005
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    Glaresoft iDrum

    Virtual Drum Machine [Mac OS X]

    Espousing the simple, easy-to-use, Apple-type philosophy seen in tools like GarageBand, Glaresoft's virtual drum machine has you piecing together beats in minutes. And it costs just £39! We check it out...

    Reviews Jun 2005
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    Arturia Storm v3

    Software Music Studio [Mac OS X/PC]

    Storm, the French software studio from virtual-instrument creators Arturia, keeps on improving. We check out version 3.

    Reviews Dec 2004
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    Allen & Heath Inpulse One (Retrozone)

    Sample-based Drum Computer

    These days primarily a mixer manufacturer, Allen & Heath have made many different kinds of gear in their time, but none is more obscure than 1985's Inpulse One. We unearth the facts about one of music technology's most forgotten rhythm computers.

    Reviews Aug 2004
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    Roger Linn AdrenaLinn II

    Filter, Effects, Amp Modeller & Drum Box

    Roger Linn Design have updated their versatile instrument processor, which still produces an array of unusual effects not normally available from a single box, but is now claimed to be easier to use.

    Reviews Mar 2004


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