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Education / Training

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    Ear Training Website

    The ability to analyse what you’re hearing is a vital skill for audio engineers. SoundGym is a fun way to hone that ability.

    Reviews Jul 2021
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    Samplecraze Video Tutorials

    Online Resources

    Samplecraze have recently refocused their web site around a host of producer and sound-design video tutorials, with Samplecraze’s founder (and SOS contributor) Eddie Bazil at the helm.

    Reviews Nov 2017
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    Alan Parsons: Art & Science Of Sound Recording

    Instructional Videos

    If you want an education in all things audio, could you ask for a more qualified teacher than Alan Parsons?

    Reviews Mar 2011
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    The Music Producer's Handbook

    Book & DVD

    Matt Houghton has a read of a manual which gives all kinds of tips to those looking to get into music production.

    Reviews Feb 2011
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