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    AKG (and Quincy) at 70

    Harman mic company celebrates 70 Years with Quincy Jones at the Capitol Tower

    Capitol Studios held a recent party celebrating two 70th birthdays: mic company AKG and legendary musician/producer Quincy Jones.

    News 19/11/19
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    AKG Unsigned Heroes update

    Competition final rescheduled to June 1st

    AKG's UK distributors, Harman Pro have announced new dates for the final of the AKG Unsigned Heroes competition. The...

    News 18/5/07
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    Unsigned Heroes 2007 Battle Of The Bands

    AKG's Battle Of The Bands competition launches at Music Live

    Every entered band gets free t-shirts and 50% off AKG mics and headphones

    News 5/10/06
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