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Studio Monitors for a Beginner "NOOB"

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Studio Monitors for a Beginner "NOOB"

Postby Abovetheair » Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:06 pm

I enjoy making my own music with my friends in my "mini" studio. I'm getting more into making music, rolling in loops and a variety of things with logic.

This is just for the joy of it, I enjoy using my own music in my short story films.

Now to my question, "What are some good studio monitors for a noob". My budget is around $300, maybe $350 at max. I love the sound of my Audio Technica M50 headphones, is there a kind of monitors that have the same type of sound?

I know that for only a couple hundred more I can get something nicer but I do not have the money currently to do that. So any suggestions for me would be great.
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Re: Studio Monitors for a Beginner "NOOB"

Postby t0yz » Sat Jun 26, 2010 10:43 pm


You seem to already know the basics. May I suggest that you take the time to save that extra cash, and for now just trust you headphones. In the meanwhile, you can research and listen to some models, so you can hear for yourself which one comes close to what you expect them to sound.

If you chose to go with the 300$ you have, probably you should listen to the KRK RP5 G2 and Yamaha HS50M, which are both in this price range and considered good for their price. They also sound very different - one is pretty much without low-end and the other has it a little exaggerated, maybe.

Also, take into consideration that your new monitors will only sound as good as your room does, so investing in some treatment will considerably improve their sound.
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Re: Studio Monitors for a Beginner "NOOB"

Postby Honey Badger » Mon Jun 28, 2010 2:00 pm


When I was in your position recently I tried out a number of monitors and settled on the Yamaha HS50Ms. I am very pleased with them and would recommend them highly, though obviously it's a matter of personal pregference so make sure you listen to several pairs before splashing out.
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Re: Studio Monitors for a Beginner "NOOB"

Postby Vlaaing Peerd » Wed Jun 30, 2010 4:05 pm

when I started out with my first monitors I also had around the same budget. I had a listen to quite a few different models and almost all of those are worth having a listen, be aware though your ears can't reference very well if you don't have any (...) reference of what is neutral. try listening in a shop with good acoustics, compare it with the high end speakers they have and if you know the quirks of your own headphone, take it a long as well.

what I found frustrating was that we are trying to buy a set of monitors that are supposed to be as neutral as possible...AND THEY ALL SOUND COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! :headbang:

anyhow; here's a list of what I listened to and find recommendable.

Tannoy reveal 6 passive - very clear and detailed in the HF, little bass though
Yamaha HS50 - bit similar as above, but I absolutely loved the amount of detail which you can hear in soft parts, IMO does have too much HF.
KRK RP5 - peronally didn't like, but others seem to have a completely different opinion, I found the bass a bit boomy and didn't quite trust that.
Alesis MKII - The ones I bought, for me the best trade off between enough low, detail and stereo image, though I do notice the bass end seems to be less tight then the others.
Behringer Truth - most comments I hear about this brand I think is plain dissonance, I found these to be very in between the others I mentioned and very good. I forgot the modelname of it though, 2031 I think.
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