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Keyboard Synthesizer or MIDI Keyboard? advice needed.

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Keyboard Synthesizer or MIDI Keyboard? advice needed.

Postby Hamertime » Wed Apr 16, 2008 11:44 am


I am interested in creating my own big beat (chemical brothers, fatboy slim) genre music.

Basically I am wondering what equipment should I buy. I was thinking of buying a 2nd hand Roland Fantom Synthesizer but a friend suggested that I should just buy a MIDI Keyboard as I could do the synth stuff on my computer.

My thoughts are it might be easier to create music having a keyboard synth as appose to doing on a PC, as the synth will have a lot of different sounds to use and my be hard finding these on a PC.

Can anyone offer their advice on what is the best option i.e. which option would be the easiest to create music with?

I don’t mind spending the money on a good keyboard synth if it will be a lot easier to create music and save me a lot of time.

Also what other equipment would I need to get apart from software? And also which software would be best for this genre i.e Cubase, Reason Logic?

I am a complete beginner so any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks you in advance.

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Re: Keyboard Synthesizer or MIDI Keyboard? advice needed.

Postby Mike Craig » Wed Apr 16, 2008 11:58 am

Hi Lee,

As you are a beginner, I am going to suggest you buy REASON and a USB MIDI Controller Keyboard.

Once you have installed all of that on your computer, follow the Reason Tutorials available on this website and elsewhere on the net.

You will also need a decent monitoring setup if you start to get serious.


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