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need some help please

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need some help please

Postby Simon2008 » Wed May 07, 2008 3:18 pm


I need a little help if you may...ok here goes

I'm currently building a home studio and I'm worried about the distance between the mics in the cellar live room and 2 the pre-amps in the attic control room.

The live room is soundproofed and it has a separate vocal booth :) but the multi-core cable has to be 23m to reach the attic.

Now I have not done the wiring yet and I have a small budget of about £350 to spend on just the 12 way multi-core and whatever else is needed to ensure a healthy signal on all mics. I have good mic pre-amps and some decent mics already see (bottom of post) for details.

So my question.

Is 23m too long for a mic to push the signal to the pre-amp. If it is what should I buy to rectify the problem. I asked my friend at YTV for his opinion and he said you should be OK with 23m as long as the multi-core is double screened. But he seemed a little unsure.

I hope someone can shed some light, I'm hoping just good quality multicore cable will do the trick.

My Mic Pre's

2 x Apogee Trak2 +90dB gain
4 x RME fireface +60 +60dB gain
1 x Solid Tubes THE BRICK +55dB gain
2 x ART 107 Tube +65 dB gain


Sontronics Orpheus & Gemini (vocal)
Sennheiser e609 (kik)
SM57 (snare)
2 x e604 (toms)
2 x AT4040s (overhaeds)
Sontronics STC-1 (room)

All the guitar cabs are in bedrooms so no probs with them

cheers ;)
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