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Pleuse pleuse Help me !!!!!!! anyone help me ??

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Pleuse pleuse Help me !!!!!!! anyone help me ??

Postby Sputnik Corp » Wed May 07, 2008 10:54 pm

Help! Trouble with Routing FX to Outputs

From the Interface protools analog connections whow i connect a stereo effect ?

i need routing a stereo Reverb to imput of my audio interface ,inside protools i put stereo aux
i put aux send stereo in the Protools Mixer
whow i connect in the Back of interface protools to Focusrite Penta compressor? in stereo mode

my confusion its for i use stereo mode if i use send return
if i connect 2 outputs from audio interface to the imputs of reverb ?
sorry its a basic very basic question !!! but i have to mutch confusion with stereo connections pleuse help me
i put in other forums but anyone help me because its a basic question
its the first time i connect fx stereo processor to audio card
i only need a friend tell me who to do
im using the 1-2 out of audio interface to my monitors
do i use the 3-4 outs ?

do i need use one cable in V ?

sorry pleuse anyone help me !!!

Sputnik Corp
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