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Should my power conditioner hum?

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Re: Should my power conditioner hum?

Postby ef37a » Mon Jul 13, 2020 7:30 am

Arpangel wrote:
James Perrett wrote:As others have said, humming US made gear is very common - and it isn't just the cheap stuff. My Eventide H3000 is one of the worst offenders. Mind you, I have a couple of UK made items that hum audibly too.

Yes, I sold my H3000 because of this hum, I tried everything, but you just can’t cure it. Totally unacceptable.
I’d get a European conditioner, but as others have said, is it really necessary?
As for the one button solution, is that a good idea? Having everything come on at the same time would worry me, there is a preferred switch on sequence, to avoid mains spikes.

As I mentioned (in 2017!) investigate wireless remote mains switches. I have one that can control 4 13A circuits individually but also has an 'all on' and 'all off' function. I have never had a problem banging all my, admittedly modest, rig on and off with just 2 switches on a 13A double outlet. You have to poke PCs anyway!

I could not see the waveforms Martin but in any case you have to be very careful not to display a signal that is the resultant of a transformer CURRENT. These are almost always distorted to some degree, especially those from small, crappy rats!

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