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Buzzing mic conundrum

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Re: Buzzing mic conundrum

PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 5:55 pm
by mat_171
Thanks for all responses.

I've tested the same setup in a friend's house, (supposedly well grounded) when I first notice the 50hz hum. I've check all inputs at the interface (presonus 44VSL), different cables and laptop running on batteries. This setup consist of 2xM5, a SM57 and a Audiotechnica AT2035, only the rode pair has the noticiable hum. Later I checked at my house (not so well grounded) and the hum is gone. The only thing is when I touch the rode mics whith my fingers, there is a static noise (hum plus harmonics, but way softer than the original hum problem).

I think I'm going to return them and buy something else.

Sorry about my English and grammar.

Greatings from Argentina.