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M-Audio kit. Anyone had problems with theirs?

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M-Audio kit. Anyone had problems with theirs?

Postby chronica » Fri Dec 29, 2017 7:55 pm

11 years ago I purchased an M-Audio midi keyboard, and a little later on, a Delta 192 audio / midi card of the same make. Whilst both have me very well, I replaced the D192 card with a Track 8 (T8) audio interface to increase by DAW's balanced input count.

I chose M-Audio because of the good experience I'd had with the keyboard and D192, but it almost turned into a costly mistake. This was not due to user error but M-Audios lack of after-sales support. Rather than repeat an account of all my issues here, there is a forum highlighting them at

Whether or not SOS have been approached about this I can only speculate, but in my view, it sure needs some exposure. My particular situation was resolved with a purchase of a FocusRite Scarlett 18i20, a more expensive, but much better unit on the whole which I am delighted with.

SOS: If you need to for any reason, please PM me. Thanks.
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Re: M-Audio kit. Anyone had problems with theirs?

Postby djmashdup » Mon Jan 01, 2018 2:36 pm

Yes. Got an M-Audio M-Track a couple of days ago. Get sound for a while, then driver crashes and blue screen of death. Had used the device before when a friend brought it round to record vocals. Worked fine while I just used it as an INPUT device with my other soundcard as the OUTPUT. VERY FRUSTRATING!
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Re: M-Audio kit. Anyone had problems with theirs?

Postby gingertimmins » Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:35 pm

Over the years I've owned many maudio products-pre amps, keyboards,controllers and indeed I'm still running a fast track ultra on windows 10 which isn't supported.
I've never had an issue with any of the products and consider them to be terrific bang for buck but I know they've had a bitbo a bad reputation.
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Re: M-Audio kit. Anyone had problems with theirs?

Postby blinddrew » Mon Jan 01, 2018 5:14 pm

Only bit of M-Audio kit I have is a keystation 49 that, so far, has given me no issues.
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Re: M-Audio kit. Anyone had problems with theirs?

Postby Rich Hanson » Mon Jan 01, 2018 8:09 pm

I have a Axiom mkII, the only issue I've had was down to me breaking the USB connector.

I also have BX5a monitors both of which have suffered from burst capacitors on the power supply, fortunately that is a relatively easy fix even for a klutz like me.
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