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Ward Beck QTP - Audio over Ethernet

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Ward Beck QTP - Audio over Ethernet

Postby jaminem » Fri Feb 09, 2018 4:59 pm

Anyone seen these - they look pretty cool ... d-qtp.html

No fancy/expensive Dante boxes, just a cheap Cat 5/6 cable between a couple of their Bob cats or adaptor cables. and if you networked your studio, you can ferry audio all around the place.

Came across it looking for a cheap way of sending stems out to a mini mixer so the talent can adjust their own monitor mixes.

pretty useful huh?
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Re: Ward Beck QTP - Audio over Ethernet

Postby ef37a » Fri Feb 09, 2018 5:40 pm

I have done this, got my bungalow laced with CAT5e (some experimental CAT7*) FTP cable.
Having proved the concept, within my limited means, I sent some drawings to the boss of the network company where I worked...Not a dicky bird.

All you need is some standard 13A back boxes and 'Alpha snap' front panels and you can rig XLRs or TRS jacks and punch the wires down into shielded modules. Note this system does NOT digitize the signal and while the system WILL go through a standard RJ45 passive patch bay you might pickup some data hash along with it. Another drawback could be 'alien' crosstalk in the 4pairs. If you sent say a snare mic at -30dBu along with a spinet at -55dBu, you might get a problem? Line levels should be no bother.

Of course the whole shebang needs balanced, low Z sources and balanced inputs.

So yes, quite neat but mind how you go.

*This is AWFUL stuff to work with! Very stiff outer and the pairs are individually screened and the wires of a thinner gauge than CAT5.

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