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Stream old EastWest Library and Samples between Mac PC

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Stream old EastWest Library and Samples between Mac PC

Postby james090 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 4:14 pm

I wasn't sure where to ask this as its both PC & Mac related, but probably a common question?

Is it possible to install an older East West library (Colossus) with an old Kompakt Player, or older Kontakt version, to play and stream, from both a Mac and PC (I will be using both as part of an upcoming project) as well as using the same drive to store all my samples, and tracks on?

The project involves, some Orchestra sounds (EW Colossus I have from years ago for bread butter Orch library) as well as full Ableton warped dance tracks, and single hit samples, loops, vocals all being sequenced.

My idea is to do this all in Ableton Live, and I use an older W10 laptop.
However the studio I will be working at uses Mac OS X. (they will have Ableton too) and do a ''collect all and save'' on each platform so everything updates and loads vice-versa

Will one 160Gb or 250Gb USB3 HD be ok for streaming the Colossus library for some sounds, as well as firing loops, samples all from the one HD that I can carry, save and open between the two platforms depending where i am?

(I know VST's need to be on the machines themselves so not too worried about synths)

I did ask in another forum about a USB Stick (128GB) but think now, that this might not be good enough for streaming?
I want to use USB3 as its a standard, and thinking a step up to a proper HD might be the way to go.

Any suggestions for this scenario would be helpful :)

Looking on Amazon, it looks like Seagate do a good fast streaming USB3 drive at 1TB for about £50?

I just want to format as ExFAT or FAT32 (think the first was mentioned as better) then carry the single drive between the two places as a single project that loads on both PC and MAC to work on and save too.

Thank you.
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Re: Stream old EastWest Library and Samples between Mac PC

Postby Agharta » Sat Feb 10, 2018 5:26 pm

Some USB 3.x sticks are much faster than 2.5" portable hard drives so it may be possible.
If you only require 128GB then the price may be not too bad either compared with a HDD.
Also much smaller, lower power consumption and potentially more reliable.
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Re: Stream old EastWest Library and Samples between Mac PC

Postby innerchord » Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:31 am

The Colossus library is 32GB, as I recall.

Why not get an SSD (say, 128GB) and put in in a USB 3.0 case (external drive caddy).
That will be quite fast enough, and robust as well.

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Re: Stream old EastWest Library and Samples between Mac PC

Postby CS70 » Tue Feb 20, 2018 7:53 am

Remeber to check that the older laptop have a free working USB3 port, many old machines had only one.
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