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M Audio fast track pro problem

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M Audio fast track pro problem

PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2018 4:27 am
by jardenblack26
Hey y'all,

So I have some issues working with my friend's old M Audio fast track pro sound card. I was able to connect it to my Pro Tools 12.5 but while I record, the gain is really low and there is so much humming noise that I think I can barely record using it. Now I called up the Service Centre and they say they no longer provide service to the M Audio fast track pro as it's spare parts are unavailable. Why is there a continuous humming I hear?? How can it be fixed??

Another issue is that I have creative speakers (not monitors, the one with the sub, left and right). I tried to connect the left and right speakers to the 1-2 output of M Audio but I get a real real low output. Is it because they need some supply?? Because they work fine as ASIO but then they're connected to the sub.

Re: M Audio fast track pro problem

PostPosted: Sun May 20, 2018 11:23 am
by ef37a
Hi Jardenblack26 and welcome.

The Fast Track Pro is indeed getting on a bit! I had one and whilst it was a decent enough AI in its day the mic pre amps left a lot to be desired. Low gain and noisy. A hiss mind you, not hum and I have to wonder where a hum can come from since it is powered from smooth, regulated USB power.

IMHO however it is hardly worth the diagnostic effort, for around £120 you can get an excellent 2 mic input interface. Steinberg UR22, Tascam US2X2 to name but two. The newish Behringers LOOK attractive, certainly cheap! But although there have been many good reports I am starting to read of problems regarding low headroom and driver/latency.

The Creative speakers issue will need exact model numbers before diagnosis is possible but first get a modern AI and then catch that monkey later!