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Focal Shape Twin/Shape 65 vs Neumann KH120?

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Re: Focal Shape Twin/Shape 65 vs Neumann KH120?

Postby dickiefunk » Fri Aug 24, 2018 1:31 pm

I also bought SOS yesterday and read the Focal Shape Twin's review and it does look very good and was a very interesting read. However, I'm not sure it's really going to be much if any of an upgrade over my KH120/Eve TS108 setup?

Really I'd love something like the Unity Audio Super Rock's, Rock mkIIIDSP or Neumann KH310 but those cost more than my current monitoring setup!
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Re: Focal Shape Twin/Shape 65 vs Neumann KH120?

Postby Hugh Robjohns » Fri Aug 24, 2018 2:29 pm

dickiefunk wrote:When I bypass the sub and plug the Focusrite Saffire directly into the KH120's I'm getting roughly 50% more output with no increase in hiss.

This suggests that the sub is attenuating the signal (obviously) and is the main source of hiss...

However, when I turn the Saffire's master volume up beyond 50% I get an increase in hiss

If you raise the gain of the whole system you will be more aware of the quiescent background hiss -- what's important is the signal-to-noise ratio... and to ascertain that you need to work with a constant acoustic output level. The test you've described is not that helpful and quite misleading I fear.

2/ If I plug into the EVE TS108 before the KH120's and have both the Focusrite master volume set to 50% and System Volume of the EVE set at 50% I get no increase in hiss but the overall volume is 50% lower. However, now if I increase the Focusrite's master volume to 100% I'm not getting an increase in hiss this time and am getting the same output level as when plugging the Focusrite (master volume set at 50%) directly into the KH120's :thumbup:

There doesn't seem to be a fault just the gain staging has changed :?:

As I said earlier, optimising the gain staging is key....

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