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Recording audio for a middle eastern live solo video project - Advices needed!

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Recording audio for a middle eastern live solo video project - Advices needed!

Postby solit » Fri Aug 17, 2018 8:11 pm

Hi there I'm just a newcomer who's in search for the true sound and gear.

Let me explain the project and myself: We had a bunch of talented traveler musician friends who's really out of sight, faar away from the cities and crowd. And started this project as a friend archive for us to listen and reach them while away. We aimed to record them as they are and play, as natural as possible without any edits and studio miracles to keep their authenticity and texture; Like a motioned picture frame and as a quest to your computer screen. And then it started to snowball and now I found myself as a newbie sound guy to understand audio.

As you'll see you will find a lot of recording and processing mistakes. %90 of the stuff is referenced and processed with studio headphones with Cubase.
They are all recorded with a Zoom H6 some times some extra mics like EV RE55 or a lavalier(ATH pro 70) is plugged. And processed with some basics like EQ, Reverb and Limiter.

This is our channel:

You can check some of the first ones and last ones to observe what I achieved what I not.

I'm sure it can be interesting for you most of the musicians have their own style and songs even their own customized instruments.

The point is mic's should be hidden or out of picture as we don't want it to be interrupted unfortunately.

I'm trying to take the base image with Zoom H6's XY capsule. And reinforcing from distant with EV RE55 for a little warmth. But couldn't reach the wanted signal level and naturality and the timbre if I need to be honest.

The gear that I have:
Zoom H6 with XY M/S and Shotgun capsules
Electrovoice RE55 Omni
Audio Technica Pro 70 Lavalier

I have bunch of high quality dynamic mics like MD421 but don't think it will be useful for distant miking.

It's not easy to supply gear in here (Turkey) as it's so expensive and because of our currency is returned to submarine in world market. But I can try at least if you can inform me about the pattern or type. Or investments for future.

I'm hungry for your advices and help to elevate this project's sound naturally.

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Re: Recording audio for a middle eastern live solo video project - Advices needed!

Postby James Perrett » Fri Aug 17, 2018 9:52 pm

I had a quick look at some of the songs and think that you've done a good job with most of the pieces so far. The one that automatically plays when you go to that link sounds very impressive apart from the wind noise - a Rycote windshield is an essential item in any location sound recordist's setup and would probably have prevented this wind noise.

Some of the internal recordings have a bit too much of the room for my taste. I'm not sure where you are placing the mics at the moment but there may be scope for placing them above the performer just out of shot. Otherwise, do you have any influence on the framing of the video? If so it might be worth showing a little less of the floor so that you can get the mics closer.

I'd also look at narrowing the stereo image - on some videos the sounds out at the extremes of the stereo spread are a bit distracting.

There are a few more experienced location sound people here who would probably have a few more tips for you but I'd say the improvements will come with technique rather than more gear (apart from the windshield).
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