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How do you all track your vocals?

All about the tools and techniques involved in capturing sound, in the studio or on location.

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Re: How do you all track your vocals?

Postby Watchmaker » Thu Sep 13, 2018 4:53 pm

Ore terra,

I do have several UAD plugins I can swap out on the Console 1 and I can put the Console 1 in either the input channel of my DAW or the track insert.

The way Studio 1 works is, if you have the plug in on the input, it'll record wet, if you have it instantiated on the channel, it's not recorded to the track though it is audible. So you can record the native emulations wet, depending on where you instantiate it.

It's a feature I like when trying to create ambience while tracking, yet leaving the flexibility to change my mind later, which happens often enough. I can commit by exporting a stem which also frees up the DSP resources for additional tracking.
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