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Urgent help for a blind future music producer!

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Urgent help for a blind future music producer!

Postby Music in my mind 13 » Thu Sep 20, 2018 4:23 am

:? Hello musicians,

I recently started studying the music recording technology and audio design program at San Diego State University in California, because I want to become a music producer. I am blind since birth and this career will allow me to pursue my passion. I chose this university because it is the third most prestigious in the United States for audio engineers. I thought the tricky part was getting accepted on college. However, I am in my 4th week and problems have begun. The school features a cool Soundcraft VI4 mixer for its live performances and we need to learn to operate it successfully. I can’t wait to get my hands on this equipment, but the professor is finding it hard to teach me how the system is set up, the wiring and power, the monitor and microphone distance placement and especially in the mixer with the touch screen and the pages that control the channel selections and other adjustments such as limiter, compressor or EQ. I have started getting impatient, because I almost have a month here, and there is confusion on both learner and teacher sides. We are starting a series of world music events from next Monday where this program’s trainees run the sound for all the shows and recitals. But my instructor has already started with excuses like “it’s OK if you don’t show up on Monday” and I am serious, I am in for the real deal, not for the certifying degree document. When I ask him what should we do all I get from him is a blank “I honestly don’t know” and it’s getting frustrating. We thought about controlling this mixer from its iPad app, ViSi remote, but he says it doesn’t have as much control as the physical thing/touch screen, as this equipment is large. I will also need to know the ProTools HD rig, and he doesn’t seem particularly enthusiastic about me moving forward along with the rest of the students, as it should be. I would really appreciate if some of you experienced musicians could help us figure this out, because for now, the recording classes are not being beneficial.
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Re: Urgent help for a blind future music producer!

Postby zenguitar » Thu Sep 20, 2018 12:07 pm

This is a duplicate post which can cause a lot of confusion.

I'll lock this post and you can follow the conversation on the other post by following this link... ... 25#p568425

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