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Lexicon PCM Native Reverb.....WOW

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Lexicon PCM Native Reverb.....WOW

PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2018 2:58 am
by Glenn Bucci
I'm very late to the party. I had the impression that the latest plug in reverbs were so good that I didn't need this plug in. So with the latest sale Lexicon is having, and knowing their latest update fixed the Windows 10 fonts, I pulled the trigger.

W O W!!!!!

This has such an elegant, clean but pleasant character. I prefer it much more than the UAD Lexicon, and the old Waves Ren Reverb. It just adds a high-class sound to your mixes. This means I have to redo all my songs for my latest CD and replace Aether and my other favorite reverb plug ins with this one. This is really is a big step up. So sorry I waited this long.

I am using it with Cubase 9.5 and so far there are no issues. Love it. Knowing this software gets the same reverb as the PCM96 which is $3,000 also puts a big smile on my face. I also realized if I was in a situation where I needed a high-end hardware reverb, this would be the unit I would want to use.

Is anyone else using this reverb? What are your thoughts on it?