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Is it possible to EQ a microphone before recording its sound?

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Re: Is it possible to EQ a microphone before recording its sound?

Postby Sam Spoons » Sun Jan 20, 2019 6:38 pm

dred2009 wrote:Thanks, everyone. It's hard to find a so active music/sound engineering forum like this one.
so far I have been well informed about this subject thanks to you all. I think a channel strip or a third party software would be the best option in these cases because I aim to find a way to eq right after the computer receive the audio. Thus, I would be able to use the microphone EQ audio for purposes not only musical - like the podcast example that I already mentioned.

You still haven't answered what you microphone is and if you have a 'proper' audio interface (USB usually)? Even with a channel strip you still need to get it into your computer. The usual way is via a USB audio interface but if your computer has a 'line in' you could possibly use that. You are not going top get the best quality though if you use the laptops internal sound card, .
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