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Click-Track Research and Survey

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Re: Click-Track Research and Survey

Postby Ez » Sun Apr 21, 2019 3:25 pm

Hi everyone.

Haven’t completed the survey -get enough of those at work. :headbang:

However, coming from a church worship band perspective we use clicks as a means of ensuring everyone is locked into the tempo and (excuse the pun) playing from the same hymn sheet. When I joined the team a few years ago I had never played along to a click, just enduring the trials of playing in a band where the tempo of a song would go +/- whatever the non guitarist/keyboardist would start at. I suggested using a click but was met with complete indignation - similarly the suggestion of using a drum machine was the equivalent of signing my death sentence. Don’t get me wrong I loved the drummer to bits but we all as a band got frustrated at times with varying tempos.
So back to the worship band and as I got using to using the click I was free to get on with playing and not worrying about timing as invariably the drummer was controlling the click and so had the final say anyway.

I agree that clicks aren’t for every genre of music and are not a means to an end but used carefully and skilfully can bring an average performance into something tighter than a crabs bottom at 30 fathoms
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Re: Click-Track Research and Survey

Postby awjoe » Sun Apr 21, 2019 5:58 pm

Okay, I'm probably being really boring posting yet again about using clicks, but this thread coincides with my experimenting with how I use clicks, and on the off chance that my enthusiasm isn't misplaced...

Recently, I've used clicks two ways that have had a positive outcome.

* When I can't quite seem to nail the take in terms of feeling/inspiration, I'll bump the tempo up by 1 bpm. I don't know what this does to my brain, but often the outcome is a keeper.

* I'll do the first take at a tempo maybe 3 bpm higher than it should be. Each subsequent take will be at 1 bpm slower than the previous take. How it FEELS when I'm recording is: rushed, then less rushed, then RIGHT! The take that feels right turns out to actually be right.
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Re: Click-Track Research and Survey

Postby Watchmaker » Wed Apr 24, 2019 1:58 pm

Neat trick awjoe. I'm going to try that.

I do alot of tempo exploration and am the only person I know (besides paid composers) who actually puts BPM on my lead sheets
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Re: Click-Track Research and Survey

Postby TNGator » Wed Apr 24, 2019 9:01 pm

Its been years since i was in a band and now that i record on my timing was awful. I cant play to a normal click per se but i will put down even a kick drum as a time keeper. It's improved my playing like you wouldnt believe.
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