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Repairing 2 x faulty 414's? Where?

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Repairing 2 x faulty 414's? Where?

Postby peddlebreaker » Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:52 pm

Hey there, haven't been around for a while...

I have 2 old AKG C414 B-ULS microphones that have unfortunately both decided to go wonky on me at around the same time! Typical :roll:

One of them sounds really 'windy' and 'rumbley' and the other is also windy but temperamentally popping, spluttering and going completely silent. Not good.

I took both to our local tech, however they are, as he put it, "a bit out of his league".

Does anyone know where I can send these off for proper diagnosis and repair? I contacted the team at Funky Junk but just wanted to look around for other people before committing to spending potentially hundreds :)

We are based in Cambs.

Thanks in advance all :P
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Re: Repairing 2 x faulty 414's? Where?

Postby SimonZ » Tue Apr 16, 2019 1:12 pm

Sounds very much like capsule charge loss noises due to damp/condensation.
There was a thread very recently where Hugh covered the details comprehensively.
I'll try to locate it and post a link.

Found it........ ... 15&t=65017

(Most forum posts on this subject are at the coldest part of the year)

If following the advice there regarding drying out does not do it, I may be able to help you out.

As a more general point regarding classic AKG mics of a value worth repairing, the team from the now closed AKG Austria have set up as Austrian Audio. (Not heard any of the mics yet)
Ex AKG staff can also be found at
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Re: Repairing 2 x faulty 414's? Where?

Postby John Willett » Tue Apr 16, 2019 1:57 pm

As Austrian Audio are (except one) all ex-AKG, I would certainly give them a call first. :thumbup:
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