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Soundcraft 22MTK and Tascam 48 Reel to Reel

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Soundcraft 22MTK and Tascam 48 Reel to Reel

Postby rjack3141 » Wed Jun 12, 2019 4:51 pm

How can I hookup my old Tascam 48 R2R with this Mixer? Is it even possible? I really don’t want to HAVE to by an Analog board.

Plz help!
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Re: Soundcraft 22MTK and Tascam 48 Reel to Reel

Postby MOF » Wed Jun 12, 2019 6:02 pm

You take the eight outputs to eight of the line level inputs routed to the stereo bus (MST).
You can either use the four group outputs with a Y connector to inputs 1&5, 2&6, 3&7, 4&8 for example and record them to which tracks you want or make up a jack bay to plug whichever input channel you want to the relevant input on the recorder.
Since there are no direct outs on each channel I can’t see a way to record all eight tracks with separate sources except for using aux sends as well as the group sends and re-plugging as necessary.
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Re: Soundcraft 22MTK and Tascam 48 Reel to Reel

Postby Arpangel » Thu Jun 13, 2019 7:58 am

If you've gone to the trouble to get a good analogue tape machine you must be serious, don't skimp on getting a suitable mixer. Something like a Soundcraft Spirit 16-8-2 would be good, and pretty cheap too. Even my Behringer QX2422 would do the job as it has 8 direct outputs, but the four groups have handily been split into 8 for you, so you don't have to mess with split leads, and, it's only £200 and sounds great.
A patch bay is essential in a set-up like this, as you may have to re-patch on mixdown depending on the mixers input channel count.
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