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First post (Hi), and vocal recording

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Re: First post (Hi), and vocal recording

PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 3:14 pm
by mb_r
Guest wrote:
mb_r wrote:Hi all,
I am a singer and would love to set up a starter home studio to record some ideas.
All that I have so far is a MacBook Air and my two dynamic mics ( a Shure Beta 58A, and a Sennheiser E 945).

Do you own a mixer?
No unfortunately I do not!

Re: First post (Hi), and vocal recording

PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 3:17 pm
by mb_r
ef37a wrote:Hi Amber and welcome,

All great advice to be sure. Now one of the things that tends to throw (WTGR) "noobs" when they first hook up a mic to an AI and get the meters in the computer working is the low level they seem to get. This is especially the case if they have ever use a tape based recording system .

I don't know Garage Band (but will look it up soon) but I am betting the signal meters are much the same as most recording software? (called a Digital Audio Workstation) . You have a scale, vertical or horizontal and numbered top to bottom 0 to usually around -60.
That scale is "Decibels Full Scale" or dB fs, When you start recording you want those meters hovering around -20dB fs and the loudest peaks no higher than -8 or -6 at the very most.

This all assumes you set to record at 24 bits (and 44.1kHz). Sorry about the technicals but there is ome stuff you really HAVE to know.

Thank you Dave,
Will certainly check these technical details on and learn more about it!