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Yamaha AG03 confusion

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Yamaha AG03 confusion

Postby maitratsep » Thu Aug 22, 2019 8:00 am

Hi - first post

I have a home studio and i'm into live looping with different instruments.
I recently purchased a new looper (Ditto x4) and i would like to use midi clock on it.
To make things clearer, i will describe my setup a little bit:

All instruments are plugged into a Behringer mixer. From there the signal row goes like this:
> effects pedal > looper > small mixer (Yamaha AG03)

It's an analog setup and the yamaha mixer at the end will enable me to use my headphones/record with phone or computer etc.

I would like to use a metronome, but i dont't want it to be recorded in the loops (i want to be able to hear it in my headphones tho).
As i understand, i can use my sampler pad (yamaha dtx multi 12) for a midi clock connecting the sampler pad and looper via midi cable. I haven't experimented this yet, but i assume, these two machines can be connected with midi, since there are videos about connecting the ditto 4x looper with different drum machines.

Is there a way to send the click coming from the sampler pad (and going through the looper) to be plugged into to the yamaha mixer somehow (maybe aux input or something), so i could hear it in the headphones, but it would not be sent out to the computer/phone which uses the usb cable plug on the yamaha mixer?

Long story short: i want to hear the metronome click in the headphones but not in the recording.

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Re: Yamaha AG03 confusion

Postby Martin Walker » Thu Aug 22, 2019 12:46 pm

Hi maitratsep, and welcome to the SOS Forums! 8-)

Your post is more about recording than Live Sound, so I've moved it to our Recording forum.

You should get more replies there :thumbup:

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