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White noise with all gain at 0

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Re: White noise with all gain at 0

Postby CS70 » Fri Oct 04, 2019 11:03 am

Hugh Robjohns wrote:Given that the OP has apparently compared different interfaces and entirely different computers and power arrangements, all reportedly with the same levels of hiss, the only logical conclusion is that the OP is just particularly sensitive to ordinary electronic hiss, or has unrealistic expectations of the headphones amps in these budget interfaces.

But the gains are all down. Not even superman should be able to hear anything..
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Re: White noise with all gain at 0

Postby Arpangel » Fri Oct 04, 2019 11:09 am

The Red Bladder wrote:I am not going to comment on the two boxes here - suffice it to say that I wouldn't buy either of them.

BUT for those of you out there who want to do a 'quick-n-dirty' test of any audio equipment, one of the standard final QC checks at any mixing desk manufacturer is to route everything, set all inputs to 0dB, activate all EQs and put the controls to zero (i.e. not boosting or cutting anything) bring all faders up to 0dB and set the output to 0dB - and at normal listening volumes, you should hear nothing. As in not a sausage!

I once hired a desk for a mobile recording from a very well known manufacturer in the UK who claims to make desks for professional applications (they definitely are expensive enough!) and my assistant asked me what I thought of it and how it compared to the studio desk we have that, of course, passes that test with flying colours with all 60 inputs routed.

On that rented desk, when I got to fader number eight, the white noise became very noticeable. With all 36 faders up, it was just one very large and heavy white-noise-generator.

Yes, standards seem to vary, I used to help out doing PA's, the guy I was working for had very high standards, I thought a little hiss and hum standing in front of a PA speaker was normal, he freaked at this, and said it should be completely quiet. And it was after he'd set it up.
But as you say, ultimately you can't battle against poor spec's.
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