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Unable to hear vocal and audio through headphones

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Unable to hear vocal and audio through headphones

Postby lofi_mic » Sat Oct 05, 2019 2:21 pm

Hi all, I'm a first time poster and relatively new to music production and I'm hoping someone will be able to assist me with the issue I have..

I'm trying to configure my setup so I can hear my vocals at the same time as an audio channel through my headphones. I can hear my vocals through my headphones, or I can hear the audio track, but I can't get them both at the same time.

My setup:

    Behringer Xenyx X2222USB Mixer
    Shure SM58 mic connected via XLR to channel 1 (I've also tried channel 2)
    M-Audio speakers connected to Main Outs on mixer by 1/4 TR
    Behringer UCA222 - connected to MacBook Pro by USB and to Mixer by RCA (monitor on)
    Audio-Technica M50x headphones

I can't get the mic to output to my monitors at all - just my headphones and only by selecting solo on its channel strip. The line-in to all my mono and stereo channels are working fine.

I've read the mixer and interface manual but to be fair they're not really geared to a newbie like me :lol: I've also been checking out a few youtube tutorials but none really seem to address my issue.

I even tried recording my vocal to an audio channel in Ableton Live 10 Intro, but the DAW doesn't even pick up the audio, even though I selected my interface as the in / out (USB Audio Codec), so my feeling is that the problem in my mixer set-up somewhere.

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Re: Unable to hear vocal and audio through headphones

Postby MOF » Sat Oct 05, 2019 6:11 pm

You’ve got two devices for getting audio in and out of your computer, the UCA 222 and a USB mixer which is probably what’s confusing you. I’m not sure why you bought the former or how you’ve got the two devices connected.
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Re: Unable to hear vocal and audio through headphones

Postby CS70 » Sat Oct 05, 2019 7:54 pm

Total shot in the dark, but if your devices don't have direct monitor (which perhaps they don't being Behringers :D), in many DAWs you need to explicitly turn on track monitoring in order to hear what's being recorded. It's usually a button on the horizontal track channel or on the mixer.
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Re: Unable to hear vocal and audio through headphones

Postby blinddrew » Sun Oct 06, 2019 9:03 pm

In between each fader there are three buttons, one of which is marked 'main' - this needs to be depressed for each channel that you want to send to the main outputs.

Just to clarify, have you actually got the mixer connected to the computer by usb? And are you just using the uca222 to get audio out of the mac and into the mixer? If so, where are you bringing that channel in?
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