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Triton Fethead or Cloudlifter

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Triton Fethead or Cloudlifter

Postby forumuser651020 » Wed Nov 27, 2019 10:06 pm

Hi, I sold most of my gear when I gave up my studio but I kept hold of a pair of AEA R84s that I would like to bring back into play for recording some drums for my band’s next record. I’ve been looking at getting a couple of triton Fethead preamps so I can make sure they are impedance matched in the signal chain to get the best out of them, which I understand is the right thing to do, but I’d really like some advice on what to do or get, please? I have also seen the Cloudlifter cl-2, which seems quite good. Will these be adequate or should I seek out a “fancy” preamp? I’d rather not spend a huge load of cash if I can help it! Thanks in advance!
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