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Any advice re an interface upgrade please?

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Re: Any advice re an interface upgrade please?

Postby Fishnish » Sun Dec 22, 2019 9:06 pm

TheChorltonWheelie wrote:
Fishnish wrote:Any advice gratefully recieved...

+1 for RME, I've used it for years and it's comfortably the most reliable interface I've ever used; not a single crash.

Indeed, I bought a new Apollo X8 to "replace" my UFX, but 60 seconds with a listening test and I went back to the UFX.

But, if you buy secondhand, make sure you check ALL of the ADAT doors on the back. The rear-housing, hidden in the shell, goes slightly brittle and dislodges inside so that the door flap and rear-housing disappear into the back of the RME. It's a real game repairing it, which I've had to do on my FF800 and UFX.

Thanks for that. Certainly something to be aware of.
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