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Audio interface upgrade

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Audio interface upgrade

Postby dbmusic » Thu Dec 26, 2019 8:42 pm


I am looking to get my studio back up and running after a bit of a break and have just purchased the new Logic Pro on my iMac. I was previously using a Mackie Onyx Firewire 400f but have realised that the Mackie console software no longer works so I don't think I have any way of configuring the outputs, unless anyone knows a workaround? So I thinking about replacing the interface possibly with the UA Apollo X4 or similar.

My first question is will this work with my thunderbolt port? Here is the info about it:
Thunderbolt Bus:

Vendor Name: Apple Inc.
Device Name: iMac
UID: 0x0001000D13DE5020
Route String: 0
Firmware Version: 23.4
Domain UUID: 9C5667F2-9444-D85A-9666-BC6BF6A84365
Status: Device connected
Link Status: 0x2
Speed: Up to 10Gb/s x1
Receptacle: 1
Link Controller Firmware Version: 0.12.3
Status: No device connected
Link Status: 0x7
Speed: Up to 10Gb/s x2
Receptacle: 2
Link Controller Firmware Version: 0.12.3

Second question: Will I be able to do away with my mixer and monitor latency free from within the Apollo?

Third question: I was previously using TLA audio 5052 for mic pres and also for mastering down. Will it be worth keeping this or will the DSP software in the Apollo do a better / as good a job?

Thanks for reading!
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