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Digital Mixers - Some questions X32 and Similar

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Re: Digital Mixers - Some questions X32 and Similar

Postby woodnut » Sun Jan 12, 2020 6:14 pm

Thanks, yes I have been looking at the adat card which would allow the asp008 to come into play for an extra 8 channels. It does seem a shame to lose the usb connection however.

In my setup I record through the Audient asp008 into my rme fireface 400. The mixer would be to allow me to connect lots of synths and other sources for getting ideas together before recording them through my audient-rme. It would also be used live the odd time as and when needed.

I did wonder if whatever I end up getting might be able to become my recording interface also, but the more I research this it seems that I'm asking a bit much and would probably miss the rock solid rme at the heart of my setup.

It certainly is tricky as there are some great options
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