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SSL 2 and 2+

All about the tools and techniques involved in capturing sound, in the studio or on location.

Re: SSL 2 and 2+

Postby Arpangel » Thu Jan 16, 2020 9:25 am

Sam Spoons wrote:It's a bugger innit, I'm trying to 'de-clutter' so am selling anything I think will bring enough to be worth the hassle of ebay and posting. There's not much new stuff I really want these days, I've got most of it and expensive studio kit is not on the agenda as what I have exceeds my skill level by a good margin. And, money is no longer a significant problem, we're not wealthy but we can pay the bills so, while that Shelby Cobra is out of reach a tidy 1990 MX5 to replace the tatty one I sold last spring is not (though I haven't bought one of those either FWIW).

I fancy a better boat but would have to sell one of the ones I have and I have become attached to both so that may not be an option and reducing the amount of 'stuff' is the order of the day*.

If you've read the other thread you'll know that a good (though not especially close) friend died suddenly this week. I was already doing all of the above but it suddenly seems more urgent....

* bloody guilt, I wish I could just enjoy all my cr@p and to hell with those who will have to dispose of it after I'm gone :(

Sam, I’m always up for buying interesting bits of kit, pm me if you think I may be able to boost your funds.
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