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The insecurity of small waveforms on your DAW

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Re: The insecurity of small waveforms on your DAW

PostPosted: Fri Feb 28, 2020 11:20 am
by Arpangel
Hugh Robjohns wrote:
merlyn wrote:If it's possible to have the concept of more or less obsolete then I would think a DAT machine is more obsolete than a Studer A80.

Of course it is an obsolete format... now. But in the 90s it was the format of choice and it cost a fraction of the price of any half-decent analogue tape machine... which was the point you were making. To build a tape machine that could match the specs was impossibly expensive..

Where are all the DAT machines?

There's a fair few in archives and libraries... :-) There's a lot of important material recorded on DAT tapes.


The reason my basement has DAT,and cassette machines in storage is because I still have hundreds of DAT tapes and cassettes, also ADAT and reel-to reel-tapes.
All swept under the carpet till the day I get around to putting them in the DAW for posterity, also known as the council skip.