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Saffire Pro 40 & AD 8200 hiccup.

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Saffire Pro 40 & AD 8200 hiccup.

Postby pa28 » Fri Jan 17, 2020 12:15 am

I have had the AD 8200 connected to the Pro 40 for a while now and quite happy with it, But, a small niggle has been bugging me lately and I can't seem to solve it,

I run my recording setup with two PC's & 3 monitors, 2 for the music PC running Cubase 8.5 Pro, the other runs the music score pdf's I work with, and my old Tascam US 144 connected analogue outs into ADAT's 7 & 8 so I can listen to guitar solo's slowed down or the music I want to lsten to from mp3's.

Problem. I cannot hear the ADAT inputs (7&8) playing while "DAW Tracking" even with input meters showing signal playing until I select "Zero Latency Tracking".

So if I want use an ADAT input for recording how do I get MixControl configured so I can hear the input with the benefit of my insert plugs etc?

Just had a thought at this late hour, would creatng dedicated tracks/inputs on each project be the only answer?
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