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Problems with audio on Ableton

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Problems with audio on Ableton

Postby Violababe » Thu Feb 06, 2020 8:12 pm

Hi there,
I am a complete newbie to all this. Just bought gear last week.
I have a Roland Rubix24 with Ableton live lite 10 and a sEx1 S mic.
I installed Ableton onto my Dell PC and plugged in my interface. Then I plugged in my midi keyboard. I don't have an audio monitor yet and although I think I can plug my speakers into the interface I hadn't done it. But everything was playing nicely through my Dell screen monitor anyway. I haven't been able to use my headphones yet as the jack is the wrong size. A converter should be arriving tomorrow.
Then I plugged my mic into the interface and and all the sound went off Ableton completely. Not even the samples would play. You can see that everything is working but there's just no audio playback at all anymore. I've tried all sorts, all the advice given in youtube videos and in the Roland manual but it seems that something has changed and I don't know what it is so I can't fix it. I wondered about uninstalling Ableton and reinstalling it but it is a free version with my interface and I only get two downloads so I don't want to waste it. Any ideas from anyone pleeeeseee!!! Cath
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Re: Problems with audio on Ableton

Postby blinddrew » Fri Feb 07, 2020 11:15 pm

Hi Violababe, welcome to the forum. Sorry no-one's picked up your query yet.
I'm not familiar with Ableton but some DAWs have a feature where they will cut the audio output completely if the signal is suddenly overloading. I've done this myself a couple of times when I've accidentally routed an output back to its own input and my software has thankfully intervened.
It would help therefore if you could let us know exactly how you've plugged the microphone in (what kind of cable), and exactly how you've got the various front and rear controls set.
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