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MIDI -> AUIDO. What would be the correct approach?

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MIDI -> AUIDO. What would be the correct approach?

Postby AMusicPlayerPlus » Thu Feb 27, 2020 6:58 pm

I have Cubase 10 Pro midi tracks, that actually play on Roland FA06 (external instrument) via MIDI. The tracks sound good, set correct levels + pans.
Now I need to get final WAV/MP3.
What would be the correct approach?
1) To create final AUDIO track rendering all the MIDIs into a single AUDIO track?
2) To render MIDI tracks into AUDIO separately, one by one (MIDI1=>AUDIO1, MIDI2=>AUDIO2, etc.) and then to mix the separate AUDIO tracks?
Please advise.
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Re: MIDI -> AUIDO. What would be the correct approach?

Postby desmond » Thu Feb 27, 2020 7:11 pm

There is no "correct", only what works best for you.

Personally, I would record each individual track to it's own audio file (point 2), as you can mix/process them separately, but also, you have the individual tracks available for a remix if at some point you no longer own the hardware, but have to go back and remix.

Then you mix in the DAW and output the final stereo mix from there.
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Re: MIDI -> AUIDO. What would be the correct approach?

Postby The Elf » Thu Feb 27, 2020 7:39 pm

Yep, I would also get them all recorded as individual audio tracks. At some point in the future you may want to come back to what you did, long after the hardware you're using today has gone - and you will send a silent thank you to your old self for doing this.

In Cubase you can define hardware as an 'External Instrument', and this has the advantage that you can drop your MIDI into an 'Instrument Track', set to your hardware I/O and use the 'Render in Place' feature - which takes away some of the fiddliness of tracking your MIDI to audio. It's a bit of a saga to get it set up, but it can save hours of effort in the long run.

Once you have you MIDI parts as audio there's a lot you can then do to make the mix really shine.
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