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Can I use multiple audio interfaces with Cubase?

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Can I use multiple audio interfaces with Cubase?

Postby songwriter » Sat Jun 27, 2020 12:18 pm

Hi All,

I have a studio which is wired up with patch bay to an RME Fireface UFX and RME octamic XTC, using a PC running Windows 10 Pro and Cubase 10.5 Pro.

I have a huge amount of Universal Audio plugins and I'd really benefit from being able to use their Unison technology to be able to record guitars latency-free into amps, and vocals in through different preamps and reverbs.

I cannot face the trauma of rewiring the whole studio and buying an Apollo 16 or similar and so I wonder, can I buy one of their desktop version interfaces to use as inputs when recording vocals or guitars with the unison technology, but use the RME for everything else, including overall monitoring?

I can't figure out how this would work, I assume if it was possible, I'd have to switch devices altogether whilst the vocalist recorded so that they could hear the mix and the unison effect from the Apollo device, but this could mean that I can't hear it in the control room!

Confused :crazy:

Thanks! Matthew
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